Part One: SKIN - Course Only

Part One: SKIN - Course Only

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A comprehensive program on skin care. Includes the full course outlined below. EXCLUDES bonus material and box of essentials. 

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About the Course

The most incredible part of the Body Awareness Project- the experts and the content filmed with them. With over 10 hours of content with aestheticians, herbalists, nutritionists, coaches, and those with personal experience, this course is made for you to learn more than you thought possible on skin and the organs that affect it. 

Watch the videos, access the audio links if short on time, or read the Cliff Notes to make this work with any schedule. 

Included in the CURRICULUM:

  • Common acne triggers
  • Face mapping 
  • Genes and nutrition 
  • Gut health and probiotics 
  • Ayurvedic medicine and doshas 
  • Stress and it's effect on skin 
  • Liver and lung connection 
  • Healing hormonal acne
  • PCOS and Insulin 
  • Sacred Symptoms 
  • Cosmetics and Chemicals 
  • Body Image 
  • Beauty Products 
  • Essential Oils for Skin 
  • Aging Skin 
  • Melasma and Sun Spots 
  • Typical Acne Treatments and the Issues From Them