Part Two: Adrenals - Course Only

Part Two: Adrenals - Course Only

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A comprehensive program on Adrenals. Includes the full course outlined below. Excludes box of essentials. 

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About the Course

A comprehensive program on adrenals and cortisol dysfunction.

This is an all-embracing, extensive course that brings forth awareness to some of the deepest, most problematic causes of adrenal and cortisol dysfunction; condition too many of us face in this day in age. Throughout Part 2 of The Body Awareness Project, 12 well-versed and highly equipped speakers will join Emily in addressing the major concerns for those dealing with stress specifically directed for, but certainly not limited to - the exhausted mom, the tenacious athlete, the innovative entrepreneur, and the altruistic shift-worker.


  • Learning how to tune into the biological clocks of our bodies by aligning our circadian rhythms with the natural light and dark cycle of the sun

  • Utilizing tools to decrease artificial light and other disruptive stimuli in order to help the body unconsciously begin to wind down and improve its quality of sleep

  • Looking at genetic pathways and how some people can be more reactive to sleep and stress than others

  • Implementing exercises, supplements and nighttime techniques to increase melatonin and transition the body into a relaxed, parasympathetic state


Cortisol and the athlete:

  • Acknowledging when the body feels depleted and learning its limitations

  • How to properly heal and repair injuries when undergoing adrenal stress

  • How to become intuitive to the body’s nutritional needs, dialing in on supplements and experimenting with adaptogenic herbs

  • Keeping a curious and patient mindset while learning how the body responds to certain types of food and how to better regulate blood sugar

  • Digging deep and finding the body's truest sources of stress and anxiety


Adrenals for the entrepreneur:

  • How to balance multiple projects without experiencing adrenal burnout

  • Producing your best work while still allowing other things in life take priority when they need to

  • Designing a safe space to access creativity and setting the right kind of boundaries

  • Learning how to connect back to self through forms of meditation, breathing exercises and self-care


Shift work:

  • How to manage the strenuous effects on the body from shift work by adapting to an inverse lifestyle

  • Learning ways to bring the body back to balance while maintaining a high-stress career

  • Getting the body to become more adapted to proper nutritional fuel in order to handle demanding life stressors